3333You’ll often hear farmers say they have an obligation to take care of the environment. They understand they are not inheritors of the land, but rather borrowers.

The same goes for Schwartz Farms, Inc. Our families have lived on this land for generations and we remain devoted stewards of the land, water and air. The owners, John and Joe, reside in close proximity to several barns operated by SFI, as do some of their children and even grandchildren. We are committed to preserving the environment…for our family and yours.

There is a sacred awareness in all we do, as we understand we are in a unique position to feed the world while being caretakers of the land and environment.


333As farmers, we are some of the original recyclers. Pig manure is applied to the land, the land sustains the corn, corn is fed to the pigs, pigs’ byproduct is manure, and the cycle begins again. Manure is a natural fertilizer, and is applied to the land in a manner which is consistent with state and federal standards. Prior to application, the ground is tested in order to determine the proper application rates; in other words, to ensure the land is receiving the nutrients it needs in order to sustain the next crop cycle. Sustainability, from every aspect of “farm to fork,” is key.

Water / Air

The pork industry is committed to all facets of stewardship, and every year makes a significant investment in research to improve practices and our environmental impact. Today, pork producers provide the world 39% more pork, while using 78% less land and 41% less water than 50 years ago. Now that’s stewardship! Check out the work the industry has done to reduce its carbon footprint and its work on water conservation.