Contract Opportunities

One of the keys to our success as a company is the business relationships we develop with independent farm families. Over 275 farmers currently provide care for our pigs on a contractual basis, and it’s not just about natural fertilizer! This mutually beneficial arrangement affords the independent farmer the opportunity to generate and stabilize their income, invest in their future, and diversify their operations. For some, this arrangement advocates the preservation of the family farm, leading to the return of the next generation. We take great pride in contributing to our rural communities in this regard.

As an industry player for over forty years, we have gained valuable experience in cultivating relationships with our independent farm families. Schwartz Farms, Inc. is a financially strong company on which independent growers can depend, even during uncertain times in the marketplace. We are innovative, focused on continuous improvement and believe in giving back to our rural communities.

A typical contract will encompass the following responsibilities:



Quality pigs Land & approved barn
Feed Financing for the construction and operation of the barn
Field supervisor visits to provide guidance and ensure animals are properly cared for Maintenance of facility (both in & around barn)
Veterinary support services Water & utilities
Medication Timely feed orders
Transportation of pigs to and from the grower’s farm Load & unload pigs
A predictable and stable monthly payment based upon contract agreement Day to day management of the farm
Annual grower meetings/education programs Power wash barn(s) between groups of pigs
Work with SFI supervisor and follow their recommendations


Since 1996, Schwartz Farms, Inc. has graciously partnered with independent farm families in Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota. We have worked tirelessly to earn a reputation of being an honest, trusted partner to our growers. Whether you own a farm or are interested in becoming involved in pig production part time, we have many opportunities for you to explore. We are proud of the longstanding relationships we have established with our independent farm families, and we look forward to working with our current producers and others in the years to come.

If you are interested in aligning yourself with Schwartz Farms, Inc. and learning more about our contract opportunities, please contact Kevin Barnhart at 507-920-7786. We look forward to hearing from you!


“It is my sincere belief that it is virtually impossible for any individual company or organization to grow and be successful without the network, cooperation and dedication of quality individuals.”

– John Schwartz –