Producing quality pork and creating opportunities for rural communities.

1 Schwartz Farms, Inc. was founded in 1978 and at the time was predominantly involved in crop farming. Although Schwartz Farms is still involved in farming, today’s primary operations are within the pork industry.

Schwartz Farms, Inc. employs over 400 full-time individuals, and owns sows in the upper Midwest, predominantly in Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

Untitled-3We also utilize approximately 275 independent contractors. As a premier pork producer, Schwartz Farms embraces itself for a challenging and rewarding future.


“We have strategically aligned ourselves with some of the best: employees, contractors, meat processors, and consultants. We are committed to our rural communities and firmly believe in animal, environmental, and socio-economic stewardship.”

– John & Joe Schwartz