Career Success Stories

Brian H.

111I’m from Lee, Illinois. I grew up on a farm with show cattle and a few show pigs.

I started with SFI in December of 1998 as I managed the PAP sow unit when Schwartz farms began leasing the unit from MPI.

There are many things that I like about Schwartz Farms starting  with the great people who own the company right down to the honest, hard working staff who take the utmost pride in caring for the animals. I’m very proud to say I work for  Schwartz Farms.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to help coach high school softball in Mt. Lake as well as help umpire when I can and volunteer some time helping at the golf course. I try to sneak in  few rounds of golf when I can.


Shane V.

My name is Shane V. but everyone calls me Paco.   I am currently the unit manager of the CLFF site.   I grew up on a farm near Springfield. WePaco raised crops, dairy cattle, and a very small breed to finish operation.  In my teenage years, I raised a few of my own finishing hogs.  My parents taught me a good work ethic, the value of agriculture, and about being a good steward to the land.

I started with SFI in the summer of 2008 and was a farrowing technician at the Huiras site.  When I started working for SFI, I had just ended a 15 year career in a completely different industry.    I thought I would work for SFI until I found something “better”.    It did not  take very long to realize that I was right where I wanted to be and that I was already working for the “best”.

I really enjoy the family atmosphere of SFI and the personal relationships that I have made over the years.  SFI does on exceptional job of making every employee feel appreciated, no matter what position the person holds.   I truly believe that SFI is the most ethical, honest, and progressive company to work for.   SFI has given me the tools and guidance to become a better leader and a better person

Other than work, I am involved with mentoring young adults who battle with drug and/or alcohol abuse.  In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my grandchildren.   I also like to watch high school, college, and professional football.   In the summertime, I try to ride my motorcycles as frequently as possible.